Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maria and Nathional Song Contest, Managua Nicaragua Dec 20 2005

Maria who was sitting right beside me was a minister level of career women in charge of tourism in Nicaragua. Left side of seat were for the other ministers and couple of next right to my seat, there were president and first lady for the national song contest in Nicaragua. Maria was a Harvard graduate and worked for government of Venezuela and joined the right-wing government of Nicaragua as a minister. Kindly enough she offered me a soldier guarded tour with helicopter to the northern part of rain forest of the country for taking photos of national tourism as I shared my vision of Nicaragua for more proactive programs around Eco-tourism. However, unfortunately enough, year-end holiday season got started and I needed to get back to Korea.
Now she might not work for government anymore cause the country has all new cabinet under the leadership of left-wing president. I believe that she is doing well in some other area in any country with her great ability.