Tuesday, May 31, 2011

at the Eve of Christmas in 2005, Hotel Crowne Managua Nicaragua Dec 24 2005

Christmas Eve at the Restaurant of Hotel Crowne.. alone for dinner..
The cook was from Hongkong and very much friendly.
Oriental style Lobster Tails were very good.

Eating alone meant that I had nothing but focus only on the taste of the dishes..
Butter fried Banana with cinamon powder was delicious as a desert.

Christmas Eve at the Lobby of Hotel Crowne, Managua Nicaragua Dec 24 2005

a good retreat after project.. :p , Monterimar Beach Nicaragua Dec 2005

After nearly finishing a draft of Integrated Enterprise Quality Management System of 2,000 pages of PowerPoint Slides with all the Graphics, Videos and Text of three different languages, Peter went to the most famous beach resort in Nicaragua, Monterimari.
Although he sees the beatiful beach of Pacific Ocean, he has all his tremendous number of neurons still aligned to the extremely artificial system of the plant management.. ^,~