Thursday, January 22, 2009

會食 Please be my heroes..dining for project team, Premium Managua Dec 21 2005

In the week of Christmas I hosted a dinner for my project team, Mombacho.
At then I was leading a project for Process Management, Quality Management & Factory Compliances for the factories in Nicaragua and Honduras. Since I tried to touch and reengineer every inefficient and in effective aspects of factory management, they needed to work really hard and actually smart. Though I set up the expectation level of their performance high, the result was not impressive at all so I used to drive them with discipline and tried hard to let them learn on professionalism. But it's not easy for those young guys without enough experience though they were group of elites graduated from one of top three universities in Nicaragua..

Now upon my good memory of working with them, I hope they work great in whichever places for their beautiful country of Nicaragua..

Please be my little heroes..
Do you think the factories are for Koreans forever?
Look at those beautiful & dilligent people in the manufacturing lines
who are your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and your amigos..
If you, as young elites, do not work harder and smarter till very late at night your beautiful people in Nicaragua have to keep working & working in the factories.. all day long..and you will find your sons and daughters working in the lines soon..
These factories are for yours..nobody else...
You would soon be a team leader, production manager and general manager for the whole plants..

This is a place, YOU take care of.. YOU take care of all the initiatives..
for higher productivity with superb quality creating customer delight generating more orders.
We take care almost 2% of whole families of capital city of Managua when we take into account the number of employees of couple of thousands. This one of the biggest and most admired factories in Nicaragua would soon be yours.. yours already..

But the thing is that you don't know the fact yet..
blah blah..

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